The Sunkissed Sisterhood is for the no-non sense girl who wants to stop eating crap and start feeling like the bad ass bitch you are.

If you're anything like're sick of feeling like shit, not having the body you desire and are sick of self-loathing. Seriously, I've been there and still go through my ups and downs. So what do we do? As my mentor told me; stop eating like shit and MOVE your ass! When I heard her say this I immediately started laughing. DUH Tricia!! Why are you making this so complicated?

I already know the truth I just needed to put it into ACTION. This is why I am opening up this group. To have a place to get real with my sisters who are on the same page. 

What's included?

-The group is 100% FREE


-Meal Plans

-Workout Inspo



The only requirement to join is WILLINGNESS to change!

Are you IN!?

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